What’s on my Wish List

Every year before Christmas, I update my Amazon Wish List to reflect what thing I think I’m going to need in the coming year. I don’t actually expect anyone to buy me a $2000 computer, but having it there is not only a way to express things I wish I had but to also remind me that in the coming year, I want to acquire these things to help me better myself and my blog.

So here is a list of some of the things I personally really want this year, and it doesn’t matter if they are a gift or a purchase I make myself. I won’t be covering everything on my list, (too many books!) so here is a link, and I have put comments by some of the things I am most excited about.

My Wish List Top 5

     1. Travel as a Political Act by Rick Steve

Travel has changed in the past few years and being an American abroad isn’t the same as it used to be. People no longer ask about life in the great nation of America. Many conversations now have an undertone of “your country is a joke.” It’s sad. Even in spring 2016, while I lived in London, people were asking me if I thought “Trump has a chance to win.” I told them, no, but then again, I had a higher opinion of my fellow Americans back then. With Trump out of control, Brexit, Russia, and Erdogan fear-mongering and sending out nationalist messages, it’s easy to see why travel is becoming more and more a political act. Rick Steves has long been my favorite travel guide author, and with his extensive history with travel, I see him as the perfect person to discuss recent events from a travelers perspective. Find it here.

     2. Apple MacBook: Rose Gold 1.4 GHz Intel Core i7 512GB SSD 16GB RAM

Yikes, so pricey for a laptop, right? I know, I know, it is a lot, but I have lots of reasons why I should pay more than a grand for a laptop. So I do a lot of picture and video editing, which takes a good processor and loads of RAM. This delightful laptop has that, plus well, it’s really quite small. Traveling a lot means finding a way to take as much of the important things, in as little space as possible. It’s a full laptop that is lightweight, and way better than the Surface Pro in that its available with more RAM and a higher processor. Also, it’s pink. Unfortunately, Apple decided to kill everyone’s fun and discontinue it. While it’s still available on Amazon, all the ones with maxed out options are currently sold out. I can’t find the 16GB ram and 512Gb storage available anywhere. (If you know where to find one comment below!) So while this is on my wishlist it’s kinda bittersweet. A perfect-for-me laptop that I can’t quite buy. Here is a link to the closest one I could find.

     3. Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera Deluxe Video Creator Kit

This year I really want to step up my photography game, as well as inaugurating a travel vlog. I have some cool trips planned to a lot of beautiful places. This kit is a great way to launch myself into that orbit. It comes with various lenses, a cleaning kit, a tripod, a flash kit and most importantly, sound equipment! Also, it all comes inside a super cool, made to fit, backpack. I personally want this because I’ve been using my cell phone and an older Canon Powershot for pics while I’m traveling. For me, the best way to interest people in travel is to show them the beauty they are missing out on. It has a lot more accessories than I mentioned here, click hereif you want to check them out.

     4. Becoming by Michelle Obama

I believe that there are some things you need to find out for yourself and many that you can learn from others. First Lady Michelle Obama, is someone worth listening to. The most educated First Lady in American history, she has had to fight for her rights to that education and has overcome a lot to be where she is today. I certainly miss her grace and strength in the White House, and I think many others do as well. For me, she is certainly someone to look up to. If there is anyone I want to emulate in the coming year, its Michelle Obama. Her and Hayley Kiyoko of course! Find it here.

     5. All the Guide Books

I am a firm believer in using travel guides to start me off with a solid foundation before planning a trip. I have a post about travel guides if you want to some advice on picking a formidable one. From this selection, you may be able to tell where I am trying to visit this upcoming year. Travel guides are very important to me. I grew up reading them for fun. (And yet I struggled to find a passion for so long? That’s another post altogether!) I actually read them so much that when I was older and discovered a lot of people around me didn’t know “basic geography,” or famous heritage sites, I was bewildered. Of course, I eventually found my people. To this day I love to read a good travel guide cover to cover. It gives me a basic yet thorough overview of the country and helps me narrow down the area into a few digestible pieces for me to devour.

Links: 1 2 3 4 5

Hopefully, I’m able to move a few of these from the “wish list” to the “have list.” Even if I don’t end up with these, taking the time to reflect on why I want these has helped me think more clearly about what I want and what I need. Even narrowing it down to five items helped me delete items from the list that I realized I didn’t need at all!

What things are on your wish list this year? What travel necessities and equipment are you hoping to try out this year? Got any good book (travel or otherwise) recommendations?

Not gonna lie, I’m also hoping for tickets to Panic! at the Disco as well. Not really travel related, but extrmemely relevant if you wanna get an idea of who I am. lol. 


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