Top 5 American Getaways

When we think of travel we often think about hopping a plane out of our own country. For Americans, while I think we need to see more of the world, it is still great to take some time to look in our own backyard. For foreigners, you already know the big sites, take some time to check out some of the fun little things that make America, well, America. I have traveled across the U.S. may times, and here are some of the coolest things I think you should check out. Starting with one in my home state of Ohio! 

1. Ohio’s Donut Trail 

Finding popularity recently, the Butler County “Donut Trail” is a perfect addition to any road trip! As reported on by Bustle earlier this year, its the perfect opportunity to please your taste buds and your Instagram followers! Pick up a Donut Passport at any of the participating shops, and get it stamped to win a free t-shirt! This 80 mile trail covers 12 local donut shops, and will bring you on a journey to discover new flavors and revisit favorite. Arrive by car, or fly into Cincinnati and rent a car. Head over to the Butler County website here

 2. Mississippi’s Civil Rights History 

Today we are still trying to make amends and unlearn all the hate that has seeped deeply into America’s heart. The Civil Rights Museum in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, is a look at our nations not so distant past, and opens the the door to talk about the race issues still plaguing our nation today. With eight interactive galleries downtown this is an afternoon well spent. Whether with a family, or on your own, you are bound to learn a lot and leave with a  new perspective. Admission is $8, and is free every third Saturday. Look here for more details.  

3. Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return

Owned by George R. R. Martin, and leased to an artist collective, The House of Eternal Return is an “explorable, immersive art installation filled with technology, and fantastic environments.” Basically a choose-your-own-adveture mystery book that comes to life as you try to solve what happened to the Selig family, the missing inhabitants of the house who vanished one night after attempting some kind of experiment. The installation has recently added even more rooms and a “secret portal,” it’s up to you to uncover the mystery lurking in this old Victorian mansion.  For more info and ticket prices see their website

4. Pennsylvania’s Adult Summer Camp. 

No really. It’s exactly like the summer camp you remember as a kid, right down to scheduling what activities you want to do each day. Drinks are provided in the evenings, but the day is designed to be spent exploring the long list of available actives and classes such as: archery, poetry, yard games, field games, quidditch, massage and much more. They take your safety very seriously and remind campers of safety rules and enthusiastic consent.  For more info visit 

5. Side Tip to Canada 

British Columbia is just a quick hop across the Washington boarder, and it is well worth the visit. The Vancouver area is surround by water and mountains, and doesn’t sacrifice that small town feel while offering excellent culture, including art galleries, and museums, restaurants, concert venues and night life. Explore “Hollywood North,” the film capital of Canada. Take a ferry to Victoria to visit the capital and experience world’s most divergent ecosystems. Head north to Whistler or explore the Canadian Rockies. For animal lovers go whale and orca spotting, or take a peek at the otters in the Burrard Inlet. For help planning your trip and more information look here. Person tip to save on flights: flying to Seattle and taking the Cascades train to Vancouver is both a beautiful trip and a bargain! 


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