Best LGBT+ Pride Celebrations ​​​Around the World

Across the world LGBT people proud celebrate whats makes us unique. With celebrations on every continent, (yes, anartica included) it’s becoming easier every year to find on near you. While we all can’t jet off to a world capital to celebrate with millions of other gays, there are a few citites worth adding to the gay-bucket-list.

1. New York – June 30th 

New York City Pride Parade, crowd of people with focus of image being an American flag with the gay flag instead of stripes.

In 1969 Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera threw the first bricks and jumpstarted the gay rights movement in America. On the one-year anniversary of the famed Stonewall Riot, New York City held the world’s first LGBT+ Pride event. 50 years later New York is set to celebrate the largest LGBT+ event in history and the first WorldPride in the United States.  Events will take place in pride month (June) and last all month long, and the main parade is set for Sunday, June 30th. 

2. São Paulo – June 23rd 

São Paulo Pride - Sense8

São Paulo Pride is the biggest in the world! With over 3 million attendees in 2018, it certainly tops my gay bucket list of experiences. Not only is it the largest pride in the world, but it was featured in the Wachowski sister’s groundbreaking show Sense8. After a gay character is outed and begins losing work, he is invited to celebrate pride in São Paulo, where LGBT magic appears to be made. São Paulo Pride will also take place in June. From the 18th of June till the 23rd of June, with the large parade on the 23rd.

3. Amsterdam – July 3rd

Gay pride parade in Amsterdam. Float with rainbows and confetti floating on a canal.

The Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001, but same-sex “activity” has been legal there since 1811. The first Amsterdam pride took place in 1996 and has been held here ever since. After a week of pride events, the main attraction takes place on the second Saturday of pride: the Canal Parade. That’s right, they pull out all stops and let over 80 boats join in the party and parade through the canals. A truly unique experience. (While the U.S., the port city of Norfolk, Virginia, also holds a boat parade, it’s not quite the same. As far as I can tell Venice does not do this, let me know if you hear otherwise!) Runs July 27th-August 4th, with the Parade on Saturday the 3rd. 

4. Taipei – October 26th

at there Taipei Gay and LGBT Pride Parade five men, each with twink-esque outfit in one color, from right to left: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. They make most of the LGBT pride flag. They each have on mini-boxers weeks, do-rags, hats, and shades.

While Taiwanese folks expected to celebrate newly legalized same-sex marriage this year at pride, a new referendum has all but halted the process. While this may be troubling new, attesting Asia’s biggest LGBT+ Pride event helps send a message about what’s important to the people. Show your pride and support by joining in on the festivities the last Saturday of October the year. 

5. San Francisco – June 30th

Picture from crowd at 2018 San Francisco Gay Pride facing the stage.
How close I made it to Kehlani. (not very close)
Gay Flag at San Francisco Pride out front of the court house.

San Francisco is almost synonymous with queer rights, queer culture, and queer pride. With groundbreaking LGBT+ activists like Harvey Milk and Margret Cho, the community here has fought long and hard for our rights and doesn’t plan on slowing down. While the gayborhood of the Castro is the historical gay center of town, for one weekend LGBT+ people from across the bay and beyond decent on San Francisco’s Civic Center. Each year the celebration bends with a celebrity preference, last year was Kehlani with surprise guest, and Lesbian Jesus, Hayley Kiyoko. Weed is legal here, and its incredibly easy to BYOW or buy some inside. While the party downtown may end at 6 pm, head back to the Castro to extend the party till dawn. This year’s events take place June 29-30th 

For a complete list of Celebrations around the world click here. What LGBT+ Pride Celebrations have you been to? What has been your favorite? I’m hoping to check out some smaller local festivals, so leave me any hot tips in the comments below. What festival should I investigate next?


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