dark sheet metal with cutouts over the continents lining up with a world map.

Travel Season Map

One of the biggest decisions I have to make when travel planning is when to visit the places on my list. Will the weather be nice? Will the be crowded with other tourist? Will the prices skyrocket or be on the cheaper side? Sure you can google each destination but that takes time. I needed … Continue reading Travel Season Map


Top 5 American Getaways

When we think of travel we often think about hopping a plane out of our own country. For Americans, while I think we need to see more of the world, it is still great to take some time to look in our own backyard. For foreigners, you already know the big sites, take some time to check out some of the fun little things that make America, well, America. I have traveled across the U.S. may times, and here are some of the coolest things I think you should check out. Starting with one in my home state of Ohio!